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silver jewelry is any item composed up of 92.5 percent pure silver and alloyed

with copper usually. Sterling silver jewelry is ideal because fine silver is

99.9 percent pure and far too soft to wear on a daily basis with out doing damage.

In current times sterling silver jewelry is being produced with platinum, boron,

zinc in hopes to prevent or delay tarnishing properties that are very common

with sterling silver jewelry.


silver jewelry is very common due to the fact it is more common then gold and

cheaper then gold. Sterling silver jewelry is widely produced and there are

many shops that sell silver jewelry. You can find local sterling jewelry stores

to sell silver to by doing a web search. Sterling silver jewelry is great if

you want to sell silver. Sterling silver jewelry can in many ways resemble white

gold since another popular trend is to rhodium plate sterling silver jewelry

to achieve that true white look. If you are looking to have the expensive look

of white gold without wanting to spend big money then sterling silver jewelry

is your best option or alternative however you consider it to be.


silver jewelry will tarnish due to oxidation and its in your best interest to

not wear your sterling silver jewelry in the pool cause that will only speed

up the process of dulling your sterling silver jewelry. Sterling silver jewelry

that has been tarnished can be restored by going to your local jewelry store

and having it dipped in silver cleaner. There are many at home cleaners as well

that can be bought at grocery stores or hardware stores. Tiffany and co is one

of the leading stores that sell silver. The silver market is considerably lower

then in previous years but still higher then what might have been considered

the norm if you decide to sell silver. If you decide to purchase or sell silver

jewelry the silver market is a key part in determining the price you are paid

for your items or the price you receive when you sell silver.

There are

many shops that sell silver and or trade sterling silver jewelry if that is

something you're interested in as well. If you spend a little time on the web

you can find some wonderful sterling silver jewelry shops in your area. If you

need extra cash you can sell silver.

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