Diamond Frequently Asked Questions

Large Diamond Buyer

How much is my diamond worth?

A diamonds value is derived from the essential Four Cs Cut, Color, Carat, and Clarity. These four factors differentiate diamonds from one another and play a key role on how much diamond are worth. When you come into Nevada Coin and Jewelry for your free evaluation we will discuss with you all of these factors and make you a cash offer on any of your 1.00 carat or larger diamonds.

Does Nevada Coin buy all types of diamonds?

Nevada Coin and Jewelry has a on staff Diamond Grading Lab certified diamond buyers who can assist you in all your diamond selling needs, however Nevada Coin and Jewelry only buys diamonds of 1.00 CT or larger.

Do I need to make an appointment when I bring my diamond down and is there any cost?

You can bring your diamond down with no appointment necessary and there’s never any cost for bringing your diamond in for an evaluation. All you need is valid driver’s license and about 15 minutes of free time to go over the evaluation of your diamond.

Do I need an appraisal or receipt with my diamond?

No, receipts or appraisal are not required but can be brought if you have them easily accessible and if you have a certificate from any of the leading diamond grading company this can aid in the process and be beneficial but not required as well.

I've never done this before and am a bit leery about this whole process, does my diamond ever leave my sight?

No, we understand fully that it can seem a little overwhelming at first but we assure you the process is very straight forward and from start to finish the process can take around 15 minutes with your diamond never leaving your sight.

If I accept your offer and wish to sell my diamond how am I paid?

Upon acceptance and completion of our offer we will pay you cash on the spot and only offer a check at a customer’s request.

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