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silver coin buyers las vegasSilver coin Buyers are interested in silver coins with intrinsic and numismatic value. Some of the more common silver coins that silver coin buyers are after, where once used as American coinage. American coinage made on or before1964 is composed of 90 percent silver which is worth considerably more than face value. Let's say you have a 1964 quarter its silver value is higher than its face value based on current silver prices today. Many Las Vegas establishments such as vending machine companies to even coin vending Co. come across silver coins in there machines because people unknowingly deposit there silver coins unbeknownst of there true value. American silver coins are any 1964 and before quarters, dimes, halves which are 90 percent pure and any 1965 to 1970 Kennedy halves which are only 40 percent pure. These coins are valuable and worth more than face value don't sit on these coins or just give them away. Take them in to Nevada Coin and Jewelry the best silver coin buyers in Las Vegas.

Silver coin buyers are experts in all sorts of numismatic coins and silver coins. Morgan dollars for example are made up of 90 percent silver they weigh 26.7 grams. They started producing in 1878 from the Philadelphia mint. There are 5 mints that minted Morgan dollars Philadelphia, Denver, Carson City, Orleans, and San Francisco. Peace Dollars are 90 percent as well they are 26.7 grams they where produced from 1921-1935. Foreign silver coins like centavos, pesos may contain silver before 1958 and is usually range from 10 percent to 90 percent.

The silver market right now is considerably lower then in its previous years but still higher then what might have been considered the norm and is reflecting with many silver coin buyers. Silver coin buyers deal in cash and pay top dollar. Nevada Coin and Jewelry is not a one trick pony kind of silver coin buyers but also pays cash for all types of silver not just coins. Silver coin buyers also buy silver bullion, sterling flatware, sterling accessories and of course sterling jewelry.

If you're looking for fair silver coin buyers than look no further than Nevada Coin and Jewelry locate at 6380 W Flamingo Rd in between Jones and Rainbow. If you decide to sell silver coins the silver spot price which may be found online by doing a web search is a key part in determining the price you are paid for your silver coins. In addition to looking at the spot price of silver Nevada Coin and Jewelry has Numismatists on staff so if any numismatic value you're being paid above just the silver content by the silver coin buyers you're using.

Silver Coins We Buy:

- 1964 and Older Dimes Quarters and Half Dollars
- .999 Silver Rounds
- American Eagle Silver Coins
- Graded and Slabbed Silver Coins
- Canadian Maple Leafs
- Krugerrand Silver
- Silver Bars & Ingots
- Austrian Philharmonics
- Buffalo Silver Coins
- World Silver Coins

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