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gold coin buyers las vegasGold coins can be described as any coin made up of mostly gold or completely gold and usually stamped on the front or back field of the coin. In today's gold market most of the gold coins that are being sold have been intended for enthusiasts and or collectors. Bullion coins nominal value is irrelevant because these coins serve as a method of investing in gold. Gold has a much higher density than other metals which makes it considerably harder to counterfeit and a challenge not easily overcome. Gold unlike other metals can be divvied into smaller units, with out destroying its value. Gold is often times melted and re-coined or put into ingots time and time again.

Gold coins are usually made up of an alloy such as gold or silver with other metals mixed into it to help make it last longer and make it more durable. A good example of fineness of gold is a gold ingot marked .999 fine which boils down 999/1000 pure gold with the other 1/000 being a different alloy. Because of 1.000 fines is too soft for coinage or ingots and it's been widely accepted that .999 is 24kt gold. Nevada coin and Jewelry is one of the frontrunners with some of the most innovative ways of testing gold and has this modern marvel the x-ray spectrometer hooked up to a 32 inch monitor which allows you the customer to see the exact percentage of gold content and other alloys your gold coin contains which is very important with privately minted gold coins.

The South African Krugerrand was first introduced to the general public in 1967 and had a very memorable coming out party due to the fact that it was the first modern, low- premium one troy ounce gold coin to weigh exactly one troy ounce. Face values where minted on all bullion coins because they did in fact carry a face value as legal tender and this aided with importing and exporting from country to country, as well as subject laws against counterfeiting these bullion coins. When looking at a bullion coins true value its monetary value is irrelevant because the true worth is dictated by their troy weight and the market price of its precious metal and any premium brought on by that bullion specific coin at that given time.

When dealing with any type of bullion or gold coins condition always will play a role and why it's such an important process when storing your bullion or gold coins. Most places will explain this process in more depth and will also aid you in purchasing coin holders so that when you decide to sell you get the absolute most cash for your items.

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- $2 1/2 Indian Gold Coin
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- Canadian Maple Leafs
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