Silver Dollar Coins

Since just

after the birth of America, silver dollar coins have been an intrinsic part

of daily life in the United States. The first silver dollar coins made in the

United States came around the 1790's and had an immediate impact on commerce

within our infant nation, supplanting all the various coinages from the colonies

and foreign nations and allowing consumers and merchants to find confidence

in the federal minting of silver dollar coins. The first of the American Federal

silver dollar coins was the "Flowing Hair" variety which was minted in both

1794 and 1795. These silver dollar coins are very rare and highly sought after

by collectors as many have not survived the test of time.

The next

silver dollar coins America minted are the "Draped Bust" silver dollar coins

that were produced between 1795 and 1804. The last of this series, the 1804

Draped Bust silver dollar coins are some of the most prized numismatic specimens

in the entirety of the coin collecting hobby. There are just a handful of these

silver dollar coins in existence and when they do hit the auction block, they

routinely set new price records for numismatic silver dollar coins. There was

a hiatus on the minting of silver dollar coins for a couple decades after the

Draped Bust series, which ended when the Gobrecht Dollar came out of the Philadelphia

mint in 1836.

These silver

dollar coins were made for just a few short years from 1836 to 1839, giving

way to the next in the line of American silver dollar coins: the "Seated Liberty"

silver dollar coins. After the Seated Liberty silver dollar coins came the "Trade

Dollar" silver dollar coins, which were made for circulation between 1873 and

1878, with an additional proof run of the silver dollar coins carried out until

1885. In 1878, the "Morgan Dollar" silver dollar coins were introduced to the

public and quickly became a hit with folks out west. After the Morgan dollar

series came the "Peace" silver dollar coins. These were made to commemorate

the ending of World War I as well as replacing the Morgan silver dollar coins

as the circulating silver dollar coins during the 1920's.

After the

Peace silver dollar coins ended their run in 1935, the next dollar coins America

would produce are the Eisenhower dollar which stated in 1971 and officially

ended the mintage of silver dollar coins, as the Eisenhower dollars were made

from copper and nickel. If you are in the market to sell your silver dollar

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