Rolex Oyster Perpetual

Hans Wilsdorf,

the founder of Rolex, was hosting a large dinner party one day when he was attempting

to open an Oyster when it dawned on him, he could make a watch case as strong

and as resilient as that Oyster, that water couldn't penetrate, By 1926 the

first waterproof "Oyster" Rolex was born. The Rolex Oyster Perpetual was first

introduced in 1945. The Oyster Perpetual was the first recognized self winding

chronometer watch with a date window. The Turn-O-Graph model was a big hit in

1955 with many men of the Air Force who utilized the rotating bezel marked 60

minutes for timing there air intervals. A popular nickname for the watch at

the time was "Thunderbirds".

Chuck Yeager

a highly decorated Air Force test pilot was wearing a Turn-O-Graph watch when

he broke the sound barrier in 1947. A standard men's Datejust bracelet comes

available in two styles; Jubilee and Oyster. It can be bought in a variety of

different metals from standard stainless steel to two tone (steel and gold)

and gold in pink, yellow or white.

The standard

bezel size was 36mm but later they introduced a ladies version and mid size

style to reach a larger spectrum of the market. In 2009 the Rolex Datejust II

was introduced with a larger bezel and a updated movement, unlike its predecessor

it is only available, as of now, with an Oyster bracelet still all three types

of gold are available with the steel. An interesting thing about the Rolexes

is the ability to change out many of the features you may or may not like, you

can change bracelets, dial, or add a diamond bezel and many other small changes

can be made to the watch as well. But like many things in life adding what's

called aftermarket pieces to your Rolex Oyster Perpetual can greatly reduce

the watches value and bring down any reasonable cash offers in the near future,

if you should decide to sell.

Rolex had

a part in the development of the first quartz watch movements. Rolex didn't

have many quartz movements in its product line for Oyster, however in the 1960s

and 70s Rolex engineers had a key role in their design and technology. Rolex

and 16 other Swiss watch manufactures collaborated and came up with the Beta

21 Quartz which was used in the Rolex Quartz Date 5100, not even five years

later they created the clean slate 5035/5055 movement that would eventually

bring life to the Rolex Oyster Quartz.

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