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If it's time to take that old coin collection in for an evaluation and turn it into cash, Nevada Coin & Jewelry can help and we give you a FREE consultation to determine the top dollar for your coins. We will give you a fair and honest evaluation of your coin collection and as one of the leading coin buyers in Las Vegas and we will provide you with professional and quick service. If you were left with your grandparents old coin collection, or perhaps you want to sell your collection so you can give cash to your children or grandchildren. If so, one of Nevada Coin & Jewelry's friendly and knowledgeable coin buyers will comb through your coin collection for key dates and other more valuable coins.

Our coin buyers are trained to spot rare coins, better date coins, higher graded coins, and coins containing precious metals, such as gold coins, silver coins, and platinum coins from the United States and all over the world. When you bring your coin collection into Nevada Coin & Jewelry, our coins buyers will purchase any coins you have, from a pile of outmoded foreign base metal coins, to high end, slabbed and graded collectable coins and any coin in between.

Our numismatic coin buyers have decades of experience in the coin buying and collecting world, and they will use that knowledge to get you the most money possible for your coin collection. Before you bring Nevada Coin & Jewelry your collectable coins, be sure NOT to clean them, as that can ruin the value of your collectable coins. Our coin buyers are more interested in the coins as is, with all the dirt and patina that time brings.

Nevada Coin & Jewelry is a family owned business and has been licensed in Las Vegas for over thirty years with an impeccable reputation; accredited with the Better Business Bureau with an A+ rating and our online reviews represent an entire community of satisfied customers. There is no appointment necessary, so call Nevada Coin & Jewelry today at 702-256-2646, or visit us in person at any one of our convenient and secure locations across the Las Vegas Valley, for a no cost, no obligation evaluation of your collectible coins.

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