Broken & Scrap Jewelry

Broken &

Scrap jewelry can be quite valuable with today's current gold trends. Broken

& Scrap jewelry can be any jewelry item made up of gold, silver, platinum and

in some rare case palladium. Broken & Scrap jewelry is something all gold buyers

are interested in purchasing and turning into cash for you. There are a lot

of gold buyers advertising that they buy broken & scrap jewelry. Broken & scrap

jewelry is something you might have just lying around in an old jewelry box

or maybe you recently inherited some broken & scrap jewelry from a deceased

relative. Broken & Scrap Jewelry can be single earrings, broken chains, old

class rings and or any jewelry item that contains precious metals.

When you

bring in your old broken & scrap jewelry into to be evaluated, the gold buyer

will look at each item and separate them by karats such as 10kt, 14kt, 18kt

and 22kt. It is very important to separate each jewelry item by karat to ensure

you are getting the most value for your broken & scrap jewelry items. Each karat

represents a different purity of gold. For instance 18kt gold is 75 percent

pure with 25 percent added alloy and 10kt gold is 41.7 percent pure with 58.3

percent added alloy. You wouldn't want a jewelry buyer to just combine your

18kt gold with your 10kt gold and just pay you for 41 percent gold that's a

significant difference in price. Once the karats are separated they put the

broken & scrap jewelry on a scale to weigh.

After karats

and weights of items are all determined they will check on something called

the spot price of gold which is available to every body and can be found doing

a web search. It's after all of this that you receive a cash offer. Most gold

prices offered can and will vary depending on which state you are selling in

and what the gold buyer is charged by his local refiner to extract the pure

gold out from the other alloys. There are a lot of places to sell your broken

& scrap jewelry which is why it's so important to do your research. Many gold

buyers have websites where you can read testimonials and some reviews are even

published on third party sites. Make sure to only deal with a jewelry buyer

who has been established and is a member of the BBB with an A+ rating with no

open or closed complaints. Doing this will ensure you get top dollar for your

broken & scrap jewelry.

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