We Buy Coins

Coins have

existed for thousands of years as the most easily recognizable form of payment

or trade. And for as long coins have been around, merchants have been buying

coins for trade facilitation and transference of wealth in support of free markets.

And, as those founding merchants of the past did, at Nevada Coin & Jewelry,

we buy coins. We buy coins for precious metal content, collectible premiums

and monetary exchange every day. We buy foreign coins and we buy coins minted

at any of the several mints located in the United States, both past and present.

We buy coins made of gold, silver, platinum, palladium and many other metals

by first evaluating the precious metal content, and then determining any collectible

market value.

We buy coins

that are novelty and we buy coins that were originally made for brand marketing

or merchant commerce or world's fairs and expositions. We buy coins commemorating

recent special events in American and we buy coins from the ancient world, which

often commemorated events in antiquity as well as being the very same coins

those merchants from yesteryear traded in.

As you can

see, at Nevada Coin & Jewelry, we buy coins of all types, from everywhere around

the world, made at all point in human history. We've been in business for over

30 years and have the expertise of many coin professionals to rely upon. We

can identify and appraise any coin or coins you have in an efficient and timely

manner. We buy coins using the X-Ray Mass Spectrometer to identify any precious

metal content your coin may have.

When we

buy coins, we put a level of professionalism into the deal that is unmatched

in Las Vegas. Just come in to any of the Nevada Coin & Jewelry locations serving

the Las Vegas community and enjoy the pleasure of experiencing our state of

the art buying stations as well as the friendly and secure atmosphere. When

we buy coins from your collection, you know that you are dealing with the best,

most efficient coin buyers in the Las Vegas area.

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30 Years Buying Precious Metals in Las Vegas Valley

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