We Buy Antique Jewelry

We buy antique

jewelry which can be made up of gold, silver, platinum and palladium. We buy

antique jewelry and also Rolex watches or any watch made of gold or precious

metals. We buy antique jewelry which may include sterling flatware or tableware.

We buy antique jewelry that might include diamond solitaire rings of 1.00 carat

or larger.

Gold has

been described as a malleable, soft, dense metal with a luster that is very

bright yellow. Gold will not darken and tarnish due to the elements overtime.

Gold is located on the periodic table under Au. There are many places that advertise

we buy antique jewelry in exchange for cash. The current gold price is still

high and a reason why there are so many gold buyers advertising we buy antique

jewelry. Jewelry stores that advertise we buy antique jewelry are looking for

gold scrap jewelry or any jewelry item that might contain gold such as 10kt,

14kt, 18kt and 22kt. Almost all gold buyers buying jewelry also buy any other

precious metal items such as platinum, palladium, silver and coins with precious

metals as well. Nevada Coin & Jewelry advertises we buy antique jewelry. We

are a great shop to work with if you just inherited jewelry or are cleaning

out that old jewelry box. Nevada Coin & Jewelry has a graduate gemologist from

GIA on staff.

So if you

recently inherited a single 1.00 carat diamond there on staff gemologist can

evaluate in front of you and will get you the most money for your diamond ring.

Nevada Coin & Jewelry also has on staff numismatists for any coins that you

might have inherited or collected over the years and no longer want. With all

this expertise this ensures that you get the most cash for all of your items

of value. With there being a lot of places advertising we buy antique jewelry

it's important to first determine which items you want to sell. Nevada Coin

& Jewelry advertise we buy antique jewelry and not only have a GIA certified

gemologist and numismatists on staff but are home of the X-ray spectrometer

and diamond microscope.

The x-ray

spectrometer allows them to get the exact percentage of gold in your item so

you're paid on that and not an acid test which is not always able to distinguish

a low karat gold ring. The diamond microscope gives the seller a front row look

at there diamond on a 32 inch monitor so they can see what the gemologist sees

when he loupes your diamond ring. So if looking for a great place that advertises

we buy antique jewelry be sure to give Nevada Coin & Jewelry a chance.

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