Trade Dollar

The only

coin ever made obsolete by the United States government, the Trade Dollar stands

alone as an American numismatic anomaly. Allusive and very valuable in high

grades, the Trade Dollar, made in the United States between 1873 and 1885, carries

with it a numismatic appeal enjoyed by very few coin series produced in the

United States.

As part

of a stop gap program between active legislation to produce silver dollars,

the United States government authorized the mints produced the Trade Dollar

to release into Asia to compete with similar sized coins from other countries

as part of the new trade partnerships being built in that region of the world.

The Trade Dollar quickly became successful overseas but due to the declining

prices of silver at the time, the United States government revoked the legal

tender status of the Trade Dollar within the United States and limited production

to meet only the demand for overseas trade. Many coins of the Trade Dollar series

that still exist today carry hallmarks from their travels abroad as the warlords

or merchants in Asia would punch a character representing their operation onto

the Trade Dollar. These counterstamp marks on the Trade Dollar are called chop

marks. There is a niche collector market for a chop marked Trade Dollar and

depending on the condition of the Trade Dollar, some could carry a significant


The Trade

Dollar weighs slightly more than the standard American silver dollar and is

also the only American coin ever to put its exact weight in silver right on

the coin: 420 Grains. .900 Fine. As with any collectible, the Trade Dollar is

condition sensitive and could command a wide spectrum of pricing depending on

where the Trade Dollar falls on the scale of coin grading.


of the Trade Dollar that are worn or show great usage that fall lower on the

coin scale of 1-70 can trade for anywhere from 50-100 dollars on today's open

market and better coins and dates of the Trade Dollar series can go for much

higher. To best determine the value of your Trade Dollar, bring it in to the

coin experts at Nevada Coin & Jewelry.

With our

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