Sterling Silver Turquoise Jewelry


silver turquoise jewelry is generally handmade and worn in the Southwestern

United States. Turquoise is simply a beautiful stone. Turquoise is generally

a blue-green stone with gentle hues of brown and can be found in a few different

places in the world. Turquoise receives its name from the French word for Turkish

since most turquoise at the time was exported from Turkey.

An interesting

and very true fact is that turquoise wasn't always considered a color in fact

it wasn't officially recognized as color until 1573. Turquoise is one of earths

most beautiful marvels in the whole wide world. Turquoise is a very rare stone

and can be considerably valuable if the stone is more than unusual and exquisite.

With the oldest evidence dating back to 3000 BC they first discovered turquoise

inlayed furniture left by the Egyptians. This is the oldest recorded data confirming

some of the world's first people using turquoise. All throughout history turquoise

has been used to protect the wearer from evil or unnatural death it's to many

people considered a good luck charm.

It's really

know wonder why the Westerners are so into sterling silver turquoise jewelry

given such a charming past. Sterling silver turquoise jewelry can be quite expensive

depending on where you purchase. Many designers have sterling silver turquoise

and jewelry lines exclusively and only deal with sterling silver and turquoise

jewelry. Just like any market for anything market value for silver varies and

so does the value of turquoise amongst dealers and customers. There are many

places in Arizona, Nevada, California and even Utah that have some beautiful

turquoise stores that only sell Native American sterling silver turquoise jewelry.

The basis for making handmade sterling silver turquoise jewelry hasn't changed

since the 19th century.


the mineral is formed through a process of a chemical reaction which happens

when h2o containing very specific minerals like aluminum and copper leak through

a rock. During this occurrence it forms in veins, which later turn into a nice

clump of turquoise. Turquoise is largely found in the American SW. In fact turquoise

has been so synonymous with the South West that during early civilization tribes

like the Aztecs used turquoise in there masks during ceremonies and rituals.

From Mexico to what is now referred to as the American South West sterling silver

turquoise jewelry has been cherished and protected for generations.

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