Silver Dollar Values

Silver dollar

values have traditionally moved with the spot price of silver since the inception

of silver dollar minting in the United States. Only on coins with a numismatic

appeal will the silver dollar values begin to shift away from the spot price

of silver for the day. Morgan and Peace silver dollar values generally do not

trade for more than their silver content when they are in a highly circulated


The main

reason for determining the silver dollar values in this way, as opposed to evaluating

the silver dollar values based on any coin collector appeal, is because there

were so many millions that were minted and are still in existence. The silver

dollar values of the Morgan and Peace varieties can fluctuate and move higher

than the price of their silver content when specimens are found to be in a much

higher condition and of a much lower mintage. Key dates or better dates in the

Morgan and Peace silver dollar series can have silver dollar values that are

considerably higher than the average silver dollar values. For example, the

coveted 1879 CC and 1889 CC Morgan silver dollars can have silver dollar values

that move into the several thousands of dollars if they are found to be in a

brilliant uncirculated condition. A common misconception when dealing with the

Eisenhower dollar, which came into circulation in 1971, is that they are silver

dollars and and have silver dollar values comparable to that of the Morgan and

Peace silver dollar values.

In fact,

the Eisenhower dollars, or "Ike" dollars for short, are made of copper nickel,

thereby negating any of the the silver dollar values present in the Morgan and

Peace silver dollar. There are a few exceptions to this rule. In some proof

sets and other limited proof releases, the United States mints did produce 40%

silver Ikes. The silver dollar values for these coins will still be dramatically

lower than that of the silver dollar values within the Morgan and Peace types

simply because there is a significantly lower silver content in each coin.

For most

of the silver Ikes, there is almost no numismatic appeal as these coins are

not old enough or rare enough to command silver dollar values greater than just

the silver content within each coin. If you have any questions about your silver

dollar values, just call or bring your silver dollars in to any of the Nevada

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