Silver Dollar Coin Value

Many times the collector,

or owner of a coin, will ask, "what is my silver dollar coin value?" To answer

that question could take several attempts in making the beginning coin collector

aware of the many variables that can assert themselves in determining the silver

dollar coin value. Is it a Morgan silver dollar? Is it a Peace silver dollar?

Is it an Eisenhower dollar? What is the difference between a Seated Liberty

silver dollar and a Trade dollar? Is there actually silver in my silver dollar

and, if so, how much? These questions and many more, can present themselves

when looking to discover your silver dollar coin value. In 1986, the United

States government began minting the American Silver Eagle, which many people

would be surprised to know is, in fact, a legal tender silver dollar coin. Although,

the silver content in this coin is one troy ounce, or 31.1 grams, making the

American Silver Eagle worth much more than just one dollar. The fact is that

most silver dollars trade in the open market for more than just a single dollar

because they do have silver in them. All silver dollars, with the exception

of the business strike Eisenhower dollars (business strike meaning coins minted

for circulation), have some measure of silver. Even the commemorative proof

Ike dollars also have some silver in them, though not as much as the traditionally

collected silver dollars of the Morgan and Peace varieties.

Many American coins are

sought after, but no lover of coins will deny the value the coveted silver dollar

coins add to their collection. Morgan and Peace silver dollars of the 19th and

20th centuries are some of the most loved and traded United States silver dollar

coins on the open market. Collectors have gravitated towards these beacons of

Americana more and more as the decades pass. Most of these silver dollar coins

will trade at or just above a value based on the silver content within each

silver dollar coin, particularly because there is still so many to be found

on the open market. Only a very small percentage of these coins would be considered

what numismatists call "better dates" or "key dates," making their potential

value considerably more that just the value of silver content. If a silver dollar

coin falls into either of these two categories, then it becomes up to a condition

specialist, professional numismatist or coin professional to determine what,

if any, additional value can be added to the silver dollar coin.

If lingering questions persist

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