Selling Gold Scrap Jewelry

When and

if you decide to sell Gold scrap jewelry you should be sure to do your research

on metal dealers and any potential jewelry stores that buy precious metals.

Selling Gold scrap jewelry may seem overwhelming at times especially if it is

your first time so what is a typical transaction on selling gold scrap jewelry.

First the metal dealer will evaluate your items separating them by what's referred

to as karats which is a unit of fineness for gold equal to 1?24 part of pure

gold. For example 14 karat gold is 58.3% pure gold and is mixed with several

other alloys depending on desired finish color which can be copper or silver

to name a couple.

Once the

karat has been determined then we take the market value which is very important

to know when you decide to start selling Gold scrap jewelry. Finding market

value can found by doing a simple web search. They take the market value minus

a hold back percentage for them and the refiner which is what they make on the

transaction. Gold scrap jewelry can be any item made up of gold that you know

longer desire to wear or possibly broke and no longer wish to repair. Gold scrap

jewelry can be single earrings, old class rings, inherited items that don't

fit current jewelry trends or your specific taste. Selling old Gold scrap jewelry

can be quite profitable.

A gold buyer

is a second hand dealer with a specific license that allows him to purchase

second hand goods from clients in exchange for money. To get a license to become

a second hand dealer is a long and thorough process of checking background history

and a multitude of other requirements before a license is granted. Percentages

that clients will receive when selling Gold scrap jewelry will vary from state

to state and county to county depending on local laws and regulations.

These can

and will affect your bottom line. So to recap make sure to do your research

when selling Gold scrap jewelry know the person who you will be selling Gold

scrap jewelry to by reviewing any online publications of prior business transactions

with other clients and research the business and how long they have been in

business. Make sure to only do business with gold buyers who have a A+ BBB rating

with no open or closed complaints so that

(702) 256-2646

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