Rare Gold Coin

What constitutes

a rare gold coin? Well, most coins that have been minted in the precious metal

of gold will not qualify as a rare gold coin. A rare gold coin must meet criteria

that far exceeds just the fact that it is minted as a gold coin. A rare gold

coin must not only first be gold, which will always make it more valuable than

most other coins, but it must also be of a significantly lower mintage, must

be in a very nice shape (usually in almost uncirculated or higher) and must

have a collector demand that exceeds it's value in just gold.

There are

many varieties of what would qualify as a rare gold coin. For example, although

most of the modern gold releases from the United States mints will trade for

right around their weight in gold, there are a few of the modern commemoratives

that will trade for significantly higher based on the standards of rarity laid

out earlier, among many other factors. One of these is a rare gold coin known

as the five Dollar 1997 uncirculated Jackie Robinson commemorative coin. This

rare gold coin could trade for as much as five times its weight in gold or more.

This alone would qualify it as being a rare gold coin. But it also meets the

other criteria needed to make it a rare gold coin.

It has

an unusually low mintage and in order to get the most value for this rare gold

coin, it must still be in a mint state. Gold coins were once minted for circulation

as legal tender in both the United States and abroad. These gold coins would

pass from hand to hand, in payment for goods and services rendered, much like

our paper money does today. Many of these gold coins would wear down and get

scratched up, leaving those set aside for collectors to possibly garner a rare

gold coin status. Of these pre-1933 circulated gold coins, many have jumped

into the rare gold coin status as they are becoming more and more difficult

to find. Although a major percentage of these gold coins would not qualify as

a rare gold coin, those that do can command quite a premium.

If you have

a gold coin and would like an evaluation to determine if it qualifies as a rare

gold coin, or if your already know you have a rare gold coin and would like

a determination of its worth or are ready to sell, just come in to Nevada Coin

& Jewelry and have any one of our coin experts take a look at it. If it indeed

is a rare gold coin we will walk you though the steps of grading and determining

a final value for it. For any gold coins, be it a rare gold coin or a gold coin

just worth its weight in gold, we will make you a top dollar cash offer.

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