Proof Set

For coin

collectors, there has always been a certain appeal to the proof set. When deciding

to be a proof set collector, one should always consider the state of the collectible

coin market as a whole. The proof set value has always been a great indicator

of the numismatic hobby, altogether. When the proof set has an increasing value,

so will the rest of the collectibles coins within the hobby. If the proof set

is declining in value, so too are the rest of the collectible coins. Using this

as a guide, most modern proof sets are inexpensive enough for just about anybody

to get into a serious collection of these coins without breaking the bank. If

their value goes down, there won't be much money lost.

A proof

set is a set of coins made each year by the United States and other governments

showcasing their type coins. A proof set usually comes with every denomination

coin minted in that year. A proof coin is a coin made with highly polished dies

which creates a mirror effect in the field of a coin while leaving a nice satin

finish on any raised portion of the coin. The first official proof set made

by the United States came in 1858. These coins were kept together but were not

packaged together. A proof set of this age is quite valuable and very hard to

come by as they have been pieced out by collectors over the many decades since

their release. The first modern American proof set was minted in 1936 and came

in a nondescript brown box.

This proof

set is also very valuable and the subsequent years up until World War II produced

proof sets that can carry quite a premium as well. After a short six year hiatus

of minting a proof set of any kind, the United States returned to minting the

proof set with the release of the 1950 proof set. The years of 1965 to 1967

also didn't see the release of a proof set of any kind. These were the last

years the United States did not release a proof set.

The proof

set of the 21st century is loaded with several coins as the mints have ramped

up production of differently designed coins and variations within each year.

For example, the 2009 proof set come with 18 different coins representing all

the variations of 100 year anniversary Lincoln cents, presidential dollars and

state quarters as well as the regular release coins of that year. If you are

in the market to buy or sell any proof set, just come in to Nevada Coin & Jewelry

and let our highly trained associates help you today. There is no appointment

necessary and no collection containing any proof set is too big or too small

for our coin professionals to evaluate.

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