Proof Set Coin Values

Proof set

coin values can vary from year to year and from country to country. The proof

sets made in the United States tend to carry the most value in the collectible

coin world and, on some rare releases, the proof set coin values can be very

high. For the most part, however, proof set coin values have been moving in

a downward trend with the overall collectible coin market. Proof set coin values

traditionally are higher than the face value of the coins themselves, especially

when they are produced at the United States mints and made with United States

coinage. The United States mints have made proof sets for other countries in

the past including Nepal, the Philippines and the Dominican Republic. Some of

these proof sets can have proof set coin values that are less than the face

value of the coinage due to a general lack of interest in them by numismatists

and the fact the coinage inside the proof sets have been outmoded by their host

countries. Proof set coin values can be extremely high for some of the earlier

United States coinage proof sets, beginning in 1936 and throughout the limited

releases of the 1940's and early 1950's.

Proof set

coin values took a sharp decline when the United States stopped putting silver

into the lower denomination coins after 1964 and continued the down slide after

1970 when there ceased to be any silver at all in U.S. coinage. Proof set coin

values can also vary widely based on error releases. The 1968 no S dime is a

perfect example of when the proof set coin values far exceed the face value

of the coins themselves as that particular set is worth several thousand dollars.

Proof set coin values have begun to emerge higher in recent years as the United

States mint has started releasing commemorative silver proof sets to reinvigorate

a waning market. These proof sets have many more coins in them reflective of

the state quarter releases and the many variations of new coins in circulation


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