Platinum Jewelry


has an atomic number of 78 and a chemical symbol of PT. Platinum's name is derived

from a Spanish word Platina which means little silver. Platinum is the most

ductile metal of the metal family i.e. Gold, Silver, Copper. Platinum is a malleable,

ductile, gray white precious metal. It has 6 natural occurring isotopes. Platinum

is one of the earth's rarest elements in its crust. Platinum is a rare metal

but still used in a lot of vehicle catalytic converter to help with vehicle

emissions. Of the 245 tons of Platinum mined in 2010 113 tons where used in

vehicle emission control devices. Platinum has been used in many other things

from engine parts to oxygen sensors.

When getting

engaged to be married and you head into a jewelry store there are many different

Platinum jewelry options to choose from. Platinum jewelry makes a bolder statement

then the more traditional gold. Platinum jewelry is far less common due to platinum

prices and the scarcity of platinum itself. There are many jewelers who make

platinum jewelry. To find stores that handle platinum jewelry you can do a web

search rather then go jewelry store to jewelry store on foot. If white metals

are your choice you can choose between white gold, platinum and palladium. Palladium

is rarely used in jewelry and involves some work to find. White gold will hold

its shine longer then platinum due to the fact it is much harder. Keep in mind

that platinum and gold in there pure states are soft enough to scratch with

your fingernail.

It's only

through the alloying process that gold and platinum are hardened. White gold

though essentially is yellow gold mixed with nickel and silver to achieve that

white finish and usually rhodium plated to get rid of the slight yellow that

all white gold inevitably has and will become more prevalent when the rhodium

plating wears off. There are far more designs today with platinum jewelry then

in years past. Jewelry repair involving Platinum requires a higher skill level

and hotter torch temperatures than gold repairs. Platinum jewelry will cost

more to fix or rework but in the end if a true white metal is what you desire

then platinum jewelry will be the best option for you. In current markets as

of this article platinum and gold are not to far off from one another as they

have been in the past.

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