Platinum Coins


coins are highly coveted and sought after by investors and coin collectors,

alike. Most people would assume that platinum coins are a relatively new phenomenon

in the investment and numismatic coin world. On the contrary, platinum coins

have a storied past spanning the past few hundred years, since Spanish colonialism

in America began. Platinum coins have also been a long time favorite of Russia,

especially during the imperial times prior to the Bolshevik Revolution of 1917.

At one point in history, platinum was used by counterfeiters in the making of

conterfeit coins to replace silver, which was considerably more expensive at

the time.

And at other

times, platinum was introduced to foreign government issue gold coins to reduce

the gold content in the coins, thereby saving governments money. Today, as most

of us know, platinum is far more valuable than silver and often trades at or

higher than the price of gold. Platinum coins in America came about in 1997

after the huge successes of the American Gold and Silver Eagle releases and

the the success of platinum coins coming from our neighbors to the north in

Canada. Platinum coins made in the American Platinum Eagle series come in four

different denominations: the 10 dollar Platinum American Eagle, the 25 dollar

Platinum American Eagle, the 50 dollar Platinum American Eagle and the 100 dollar

Platinum American Eagle.

There are

also platinum coins made as commemoratives within the United States. These platinum

coins tend to keep a low profile in the numismatic world but still carry significant

value to to their precious metal content. All platinum coins made at United

States mints are pure bullion platinum and there has never been any platinum

coins made in America that were meant for circulation. Platinum coins are perfect

for any investment package and can compliment any numismatic collection.

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