Peace Silver Dollar Value

The Peace

silver dollar is considered one of the most beautiful coins America has ever

minted, although it didn't start out that way. Ironically, the Peace silver

dollar's design met with fierce resistance from coin collectors when it was

first released at the end of 1921. Anthony de Francisci, a relatively unknown

coin designer who had previously only designed a single commemorative half dollar

for the United States mint, designed the coin using his wife for the model of

Liberty's face. The Peace silver dollar value for many years remained at just

the face value of the coin, but as the price of silver began to inch further

and further higher, and as the coin's design began to grow on the numismatic

world, the peace silver dollar value has continued to climb upward. Today, the

Peace silver dollar value for the common dates can be quite affordable to the

average coin collector.


the Peace silver dollar value is not as difficult one might think. The Peace

silver dollar value generally will be determined by the spot price of silver

on the day, based on the actual silver content within the dollar, which is .7734

of a troy ounce of silver. There are a few key dates in the Peace silver dollar

series that could have a much higher value, but first the condition of the coin

would have to be scrutinized, as any highly circulated Peace silver dollars

would negate most of the extra Peace silver dollar value the coin may have.

If the Peace dollar is one of the key dates, or better dates, then the coin

would generally have to be better than almost uncirculated, at least a 50 on

the coin grading scale of 1-70, for it's Peace silver dollar value to jump higher

than that of the price of it's silver content. However, the 1928 Peace silver

dollar value can still be significantly higher than the price of silver as this

particular date remains as the highest valued coin in lower grades when analyzing

the Peace silver dollar value.

The coin

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