Old Paper Money Values

As with

most collectibles in recent years, old paper money values have decreased dramatically,

leaving long time collectors of the coveted U.S. currency with the red, blue,

brown and yellow seals wondering if the market will ever recover. Luckily for

them, and anyone interested in discovering the lure of collecting America's

history through the artistry and beauty of it paper money, the old paper money

values will never be less than that of the face value of each piece of currency.

In fact, all U.S. government notes printed since 1861, including the rare and

highly collectible fractional currency of the Civil War and Reconstruction eras,

the large size notes and the nation currency notes are still legal tender and

can be used to buy goods and services in the United States. Although it's suggested

that before you bring these notes to the bank or the gas station, where you'll

likely be met with a confused look from an attendant who has no idea what you

are handing them, you bring them in to Nevada Coin & Jewelry so that you can

turn them in to the coin and currency professionals for their true old paper

money value, which will be considerably more than just their face value.

As for the

more modern small size Silver Certificates, Gold Certificates, United States

notes, Emergency Issue North Africa and Hawaii notes of the 20th century, the

market has been stalled for many years. Much like anything else in the collectible

world, condition is premium when determining the old paper money value of these

notes. There are a few variations of many of these type notes that can carry

a significant value, but these rarities are few and far between. For the majority

of these notes, the true value will be no more than five to ten percent above

their face value and no less than their face value. Once you begin to find notes

of these types in better conditions, especially in a crisp uncirculated condition,

then you will find those values increasing, but a vast majority of these old

paper money notes will be far from this state of condition and more likely will

be found in a state of disrepair. Even a bent corner or a center fold in any

of these common notes can reduce the collectible value by several factors.

For a true

evaluation of your collectible old paper money values, let the respected and

well trained coin and currency experts of Nevada Coin & Jewelry do the work

for you. Just bring your notes into any one of the locations of Nevada Coin

& Jewelry in the Las Vegas valley and put our associates to work for you. We'll

be happy to go over each piece with you while looking for the criteria necessary

to realize higher old paper money values within your collection.

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