Old Coins

Most homes

in Nevada and across the United States in general have dozens to even hundreds

of old coins lying around the household. Some old coins are left to gather dust

in closets and attics. Unbeknownst to the owners of these old coins, however,

many of them can be incredibly valuable. You may have incredibly old and valuable

coins in your home. Depending on the intrinsic value of the coin and the rarity

of the particular mint, the present old coins value for your specific coin set

could be through the roof. For example, old coins dating before 1916 are made

of precious metals such as silver and are in great demand in the market.

Thus, if

you are living in Las Vegas and are interested in finding out the value of your

coins, you need to go to a coin appraisal expert who can give you the true market

value and offer you a square deal. While the present old coins value on the

market is incredibly high, many appraisers and pawn shops will offer you much

lower rates than what you deserve to get. This is especially true in Las Vegas,

where the city itself is known for low selling rates for old coins.

If you want

to make sure the appraisal of your wares is fair to you, and you want to be

guaranteed you will be offered a reasonable rate based on the present old coins

value on the market, then you ought to contact us. We have two locations in

Las Vegas, and both of our sites will be happy to appraise your old coins fairly

and appropriately. We only hire the best appraisal experts, since we never want

to cheat a person out of money they truly deserve for their wares.


we make sure your old coins value appraisal is done fast and without any effort

on your part. Simply walk through our doors with the old coins on hand. With

a quick and easy examination, we can tell you the value of your coins and how

much we are willing to offer you. We look to give you the best deals possible

since buying old coins and precious metals is our specialty. It would go against

our policy to offer you a rate any lower than what would satisfy an old coins


So, for

all of your old coins selling needs, come and talk to us. With a single call

or a quick visit to one of our stores, you can get a quality appraisal on old

coins value and exceptional selling rates. Quick transaction with satisfaction

is what we strive for, and we hope we will get the chance to give it to you


(702) 256-2646

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