Old Coins Value


any old coins value in the ever shifting coin and currency market place can

be an extremely daunting task. Many times your old coins value can be much less

than you had hoped for. In one example, many old foreign coins have been outmoded,

or replaced by the country of origin, leaving the old coins value at next to

nothing. But, every once in a great while, one can find a small fortune when,

through painstaking research, you discover that one or more of your old coins

value is much greater due to rarity, precious metal content or simply through

popularity of the coin or coins in question. This is precisely the reason why

one should never throw out any old coins or just give old coins away, no matter

what the condition, without bringing them in to a coin expert or professional

who can properly determine the old coins value.

Old coins

generally have two classifications, United States old coins and foreign old

coins. United States old coins value can be significantly higher in many cases

compared to their counterparts of foreign old coins, especially in the collectible

markets within the United States. But there can be some foreign coins that carry

a large premium compared to most other old coins value. Generally, old coins

value is determined by a few primary factors and many secondary factors. Some

of the primary factors would include condition, rarity, popularity and precious

metal content. It generally takes a well trained eye to further discover an

old coins value based on secondary factors, which include historical relevance,

significance of the series and any provenance that may accompany the coin, among

many others too numerable to mention.

If you need

help in determining your old coins value and have exhausted your resources in

doing so, bring those old coins into any of the highly respected staff members

at Nevada Coin & Jewelry and put their years of expertise evaluating an old

coins value to work for you. We pride ourselves on efficient and friendly customer

service and will guide you along the arduous path of evaluating your old coins


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