Old Coin Prices

Old coin

prices in today's market place have taken quite a hit. Ever since the coin collecting

peak of the late 1980's, old coin prices have continued to see a downturn, especially

in the commemorative and foreign markets. When attempting to wade through the

market hoping to find old coin prices that are stable from year to year, the

novice and resourceful coin collectors alike will inevitably come to the same

conclusion: it is nearly impossible. With the ever fluctuating precious metal

markets, niche collectible markets falling downhill and, in some cases, completely

off the cliff and a waning public interest in coin collecting overall, it becomes

tougher and tougher to find old coin prices that remain stable or that move

upward. However, better dates and key dates within most U.S. coin series have

continued to garner interest and have comparatively escalated in recent years,

driving some old coin prices into higher and higher numbers.

Key dates

and better dates are coins within the many different series, or denomination

and designs, of minted coins that tend to peak the interest of coin collectors

from young to old. The old coin prices of these special coins can carry a significant

premium. One must remember that, when determining old coin prices, old doesn't

necessarily mean rare or valuable. Old coin prices often are spread out from

end to end on the spectrum and are determined by several key variables. Some

of these variables that can effect old coin prices are condition, rarity, popularity,

precious metal content and historical relevance. Old coin prices can also be

subject to large swings from region to region and market place to market place.

Some old coin prices can be higher in the eastern United States because there

is still a larger coin collector base there in comparison to the western United

States, where coin collecting has taken a downturn, creating a more unstable

market for old coin prices.

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