Morgan Silver Dollar Coin Value

As the backbone

of many coin collections, Morgan silver dollars have been coveted by collectors

large and small for many decades. However, they really didn't start out that

way. In fact most coin collectors of the 19th century didn't favor the Morgan

dollar too much, known then by its nickname: the cartwheel, due to a lack of

aesthetic appreciation for the coins. It seems that coin collectors of these

earlier generations preferred the design of the earlier Seated Liberty dollars.

After a turbulent ride through many decades, the Morgan dollars are truly recognized

by collectors worldwide for their beauty and simplicity in design, as well as

being distinctly American in look and feel. And, thanks in large part to the

treasury release in the early 1960's of millions of uncirculated specimens (kept

in bags for decades in mint basements), these coins can be very affordable to


fact, they are so much in abundance that a vast percentage of the coins are

traded by just the silver content they possess, which is slightly over three

quarters of an ounce.

Aside from

the standard, or what coin industry experts call "generic" silver dollars, usually

made by the millions, there are a small percentage of these coins that are extremely

rare and have considerable value. Though not very common, just one of these

"key date" Morgan silver dollar coins can easily eclipse the entire value of

the rest of any common collection containing these types of coins. Many times

in the scope of collecting Morgan silver dollars people can easily misunderstand

age as an indicator for rarity or value. One must be careful not to confuse

these elements when estimating Morgan silver dollar coin values or, more importantly,

when deciding to sell these coins on the open market.

can also be a major contributor when determining the value of these coins. Unless

a coin is in a shape considered by coin professionals to be brilliant uncirculated,

and even on many generic years in this series, generally these coins will fluctuate

in value based on the spot price of silver during any given day.

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