Mercury Dime

Prior to

minting the long lasting design of the Roosevelt Dime in 1946, The United States

Mint produced the Mercury Dime, which ran from 1916 to 1945. The Mercury Dime

was only ever minted with 90 percent silver and 10 percent copper, unlike the

Roosevelt Dime which made a transition into a copper-nickel alloy from 90 percent

silver in 1965.

The Mercury

Dime, or the mint designation of "Winged Liberty" Dime, began it's run in 1916,

a transitional year in which both the Mercury Dime and The Barber Dime were

produced. The 1916 Mercury Dime as well as the 1916 S Mercury Dime are well

populated coins, however, the 1916 D Mercury Dime happens to be the most sought

after Mercury Dime in the entire series.

There are

few other key dates in the Mercury Dime series, as most Mercury Dime coins were

heavily minted and well used throughout their run. Then, as it is now, the Mercury

Dime is one of the most popular United States coins and, with its aesthetic

appeal, the Mercury Dime will continue to be appreciated for many generations

of coin collectors to come. However, this numismatic appeal does not really

translate into a high value for the common Mercury Dime. Most of the Mercury

Dime series trade on the open market for their silver content alone. The vast

population of the Mercury Dime, on the whole, leaves little rarity in the set

as these coins are easily found in nearly every coin collection, and sometimes

can still be spotted in circulation.

The shear

volume of the Mercury Dime still available on the open market underscores the

value of the vast majority of 20th century silver coins, which mostly trade

for just their weight in silver. And since silver is considerably higher now

than it was even just a few years ago, the Mercury Dime is one of many coins

whose numismatic value has been long since eclipsed by its silver content value.

Unless you

can find a Mercury Dime with a better date or key date that remains in brilliant

uncirculated condition, or close to it, consider your coin a bullion investment

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