LV Jewelry Buyers

With the

up to date gold trends being much higher then in the past years there has been

a rise in LV jewelry buyers. LV jewelry buyers generally only buy precious metals

such as 10kt, 14kt, 18kt and 22kt. If you do a web search for local jewelry

buyers you can find a wide variety in your area. There are some LV jewelry buyers

who don't just specialize in gold jewelry but also buy bullion coins and any

coin for that matter containing precious metals. LV jewelry buyers are not pawn

shops so don't confuse the two. Pawn shops make loans and buy all types of items

such as TVs, electronics, guns and really any type of item of value.

LV jewelry

buyers do one thing and that's buy jewelry items containing precious metals.

LV jewelry buyers that buy gold jewelry usually have a gemologist on staff for

any gold items that might contain sapphires, rubies, emeralds and of course

diamonds. LV jewelry buyers will vary on price containing gemstones and are

geared more towards diamonds that are 1.00 carat or larger.

A diamond

that is 1.00 carat or larger is referring to a single stone that is 1.00 carat

alone not a cluster or cocktail ring that has 1.00 carat total weight which

is a big difference when talking about diamonds. LV jewelry buyers have the

ability to cut out any easy prong set gemstone that you may want back. LV jewelry

buyers in most cases are essentially second hand dealers who have a license

to buy pre owned jewelry.

LV jewelry

buyers aka second hand dealers go through a very vigorous and extensive background

check to be licensed. This is important since if and when you decide to sell

your gold scrap jewelry you must present a valid drivers license.

The driver's

license is taken because any jewelry item purchased by the LV jewelry buyers

must be held for 30 days to use Nevada's Guidelines. Every item that's purchased

by the LV jewelry buyers must be written up and given a detailed description

which is then submitted to Metro on a daily basis which will be held 30 days

in Metros database to allow a chance for a division dedicated to tracking stolen

jewelry items to recover it if need be. This is why you want to make sure to

do your research on LV jewelry buyers before you decide to sell your gold items.

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