Las Vegas Coins

As coin

markets go within the United States, the Las Vegas coins and currency market

has never really been one at the top of the class. Collectibles in general haven't

always been "a Las Vegas thing" per se, mainly because those who have lived

in Las Vegas and the surrounding areas tend to have other things on their mind.

Still, there are those who do collect coins and currency in the Las Vegas valley,

and more still who find themselves collecting Las Vegas coins, casino chips,

silver strikes, commemorative Las Vegas coins, pure silver Las Vegas coins and

other numismatic items pertaining to Las Vegas and its well-known iconic status

in the modern world. And, as the population has blossomed into the 21st century,

those who move to Las Vegas have brought their coin and currency collections

in tow, creating a growing demand for professional services surrounding the

concept of Las Vegas coins and currency collecting.

One driving

force for the Las Vegas coins, currency and collectible market has been the

big business casinos that have, for decades, attempted to create a collectible

market based on their own branding needs. In fact, one of the emerging markets

in the numismatic world is casino chips, casino coins, silver strikes and other

various Las Vegas coins of the commemorative type. Many of these are made in

pure silver and could carry quite a premium in the Las Vegas Coin market, as

well as other markets around the country. Even old American silver dollars have

their place in history as being quintessentially "Las Vegas coins." Many of

the silver dollars from the old Binion hoard have been graded by the large professional

coin grading companies and labeled as such. Some of these coins which are better

dates or key dates can carry an added premium because of their status as Las

Vegas coins.

As a highly

respected member in the Las Vegas coins and currency market, Nevada Coin & Jewelry

has a reputation second to none while serving the needs of the Las Vegas community

for 30 years. Our very knowledgeable coin experts can quickly and efficiently

evaluate any of your coins, casino chips commemorative Las Vegas coins and any

other numismatic materials in a friendly and accommodating manner and will be

able to provide cash offers for you on any size collection you bring in.

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