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Las Vegas

jewelry buyers buy gold jewelry consisting of broken chains, old class rings,

dental scrap and the list can keep going. Las Vegas jewelry buyers are very

sophisticated in the way they test old gold jewelry. In the old days many Las

Vegas jewelry buyers tested gold by doing what's called acid testing. Acid testing

can only give the jewelry buyer a round about idea of the gold percentage of

the item in question. With the modern day tools of the Las Vegas jewelry buyer

they now use a very sophisticated tool called the X-ray Spectrometer. The X-ray

Spectrometer is the most current and advanced way of testing gold items that

only the most sophisticated Las Vegas Jewelry buyers have.

Acid tests

are limited to 10kt, 14kt, 18kt and 22kt. So if you where to bring in a custom

gold ring that is stamped 14kt which means it should be 58.3% pure and in reality

it is only 52% pure. The old way of acid testing would reflect that the ring

has to be 10kt not 14kt due to the fact that there are no in between acid tests

to show that the ring is just under karat. That's almost a 10% difference to

your bottom line.

When you

deal with the most advanced Las Vegas jewelry buyers you're paid for the percent

of gold in your item. So in the example above you're paid for 52% and not 41.7%

which is what the acid testing group would pay you for your gold ring that is

under karat. Scrap jewelry is can be any gold item that has no resell value

due to items condition in present state. Scrap jewelry can also be jewelry that

is no longer in fashion or not in high demand from the public. Scrap jewelry

can be made up of any precious metal such as gold, silver, platinum and rarely

palladium. There are many Las Vegas Jewelry buyers but only few who have stood

the test of time in there business. When researching Las Vegas jewelry buyers

this is an important thing to consider. Make sure the Las Vegas jewelry buyer

you're interested in doing business with is a member of the BBB and has a+ rating

with no open or closed complaints.

Check reviews

on the Las Vegas jewelry buyer you're interested in doing business with. Checking

reviews on a Las Vegas jewelry buyer is a great way to get a prior client's

point of view on how there transaction went and if they would do business there


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