Larger Diamonds


have long been treasured as gemstones as far back as Ancient India. There, Larger

Diamonds where first used as religious icons and tokens. Early humans might

have first recognized the unique qualities that Diamonds possess as long ago

as 3000 to 5000 years. Diamonds receives its name from the Greek word (adamas),

which means essentially unbreakable.

A diamond

is the hardest substance known in natural with a 10 on the Mohs scale, which

measures gems 1-10 with one being the softest and 10 being the hardest where

hardest is measure by an objects ability to resist scratches. Diamonds are very

durable. Larger diamonds is a rare occurrence in nature. Larger diamonds that

are colored is even rarer. The hope diamond is one the most beautiful and historically

one of the larger diamonds know to man. The Cullinan diamond is not just a larger

diamond but the largest know uncut diamond and is currently mounted in the British

Sovereign's Royal Scepter which is currently on display in the Tower of London

for people's viewing pleasure. Larger diamonds because of rarity in high clarities

and color fetch higher premiums and are in much more demand amongst diamond

dealers and consumers.

If you are

in possession of a larger diamond or you recently inherited a larger diamond

which can be a diamond that is 1.00 carat or more. There are many jewelry buyers

who would be interested in purchasing the larger diamond from you.

If you have

any paperwork with your larger diamond which can be a appraisal or receipt these

are helpful to have but not necessary in most cases. If you have a GIA appraisal

however this does make a difference since GIA is the worlds leading diamond

grading company in the world. GIA sets the standard among other diamond grading

companies such as EGL and IGL. Most jewelry store buyers and second hand dealers

are primarily interested in buying larger diamonds 1.00 carat or larger due

to the high demand for larger diamonds in the current market. If your not sure

if you have a 1.00 carat or larger diamond and wish to get it checked out and

or evaluated most jewelry stores will be more then happy to evaluate your stone

at no cost. If you decide to have your larger diamond evaluated be sure to never

let the stone out of your sight you really can never be to careful.

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