Large Size Currency

During the

Roaring Twenties, United States paper money changed dramatically. At the end

of the decade, the American Public was introduced to small size currency for

the first time, which, after many design variations, we still use today. But,

before the small size currency circulated freely through our economy, large

size currency was made and used for many decades. The folding cash of every

person prior to 1928, and even for a short time after then, was in the form

of large size currency. The large size currency authorized by the United States

Treasury came in many forms. Gold Certificate large size currency and silver

certificate large size currency are two examples of large size currency notes.

United States

Notes made as large size currency and, similar in name to what we use today,

Federal Reserve large size currency notes were circulated heavily. These large

size currency notes, along with the National large size currency series notes

are some other examples of the different types of large size currency our government

either printed or authorized for printing by a third party over the decades

between the 20's and the beginning of a nationalized currency system that came

about during the Civil War. Large size currency has a particular allure to notaphilists

and numismatists in that it recalls an era surrounding the ideals and principles

of the American Dream. Everything was big back then, from the buildings and

ships to the hopes of the little guy trying to carve out a place for himself

in the booming American economy, and the large size currency was no exception

in size as it symbolized those hopes and achievements. As with anything collectible,

large size currency rides on the back of conditional standards.

For large

size currency to carry any significant value, it must be in a condition that

is considered well preserved. Rips or small tears as well as folds, stains,

pinholes or bank stamps will considerably diminish the value of any note from

the large size currency era. Some large size currency releases will have limited

value, even in a great condition, simply due to an overpopulation of that particular

note. On the other hand, some very rare notes can be very valuable, even in

a poor condition.

The currency

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