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By the time you will be finished reading this, we are quite certain that you will be in a much better position to choose a reliable sell jewelers to sell your jewelry and other precious items. Once you learn about the best ways to select sell jewelers, rest of the process is pretty much simple and effortless. Right now the most important question is to find the perfect sell jewelers that can provide you the highest prices for your possessions. When you start searching for places to sell jewelry, you will find literally thousands of them in the internet and at your own location. However, while choosing the best one, you need to be extremely careful.

Beware while choosing the sell jewelers to sell your precious items Just because you have seen an advertisement about a sell Jewelers Company claiming that it will pay you the highest amount for your jewelry, it doesn’t mean that it will pay you the most money. It’s essential that you look at the reputation of the company and satisfaction levels of its past clients. The biggest mistake people often commit while searching for sell jewelers is that they often opt for pawn shops to sell their items quickly. Now pawn shops are known for taking advantage of people who desperately want to sell jewelry items for whatever cash these pawn shops offer them. Therefore, you will never get the right price at pawn shops and other questionable jewelry buyers.

Where to find the best sell jewelers?

A reputable jewelry store that deals in buying precious items such as gold, diamond jewelry and precious watches, etc is probably the best option for selling your jewelry. It’s necessary to get an appraisal for a clear idea about the actual worth of your gold items. We make sure that we will provide all the crucial information to our clients who want to sell their jewelry in the best possible way by making an informed decision. No wonder, we are one of the most trusted sell jewelers when it comes to the jewelry selling needs of people.

You just need to contact us for a free quote, and we can provide you the cash offer instantly for your diamond, and gold jewelry. Once you contact us to sell your jewelry, you can rest assured that you will get the highest prices you can find anywhere in the market.



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Monday – Friday 8:30 am – 4:30 pm
Saturday 8:30 am – 2:30 pm
Sunday Closed

West Flamingo

Monday – Friday 9:30 am – 6:00 pm
Saturday 10:00 am – 4:00 pm
Sunday Closed



Really cool cats over at Nevada Coin and Jewelry. You would’ve thought that I was “Madonna” the way those guys treated me. I was so mesmerized by all of the antiques, they have in there, I believe I was there for two hours, just looking, unbelieveable! When I went in I was so hot, they offered me a cold bottle of water, how cool is that? It felt like home to me. I wanted to get a price for some old jewelry that was passed down by grandma, I was well satisfied. When I left the shop, I was singing “Money, Money, Money.


My wife cashed in some coins and we got top dollar. We have sold to others before but no more, we found a real professional store in Nevada Coin & Jewelry. “Thank You”


Always a good experience here! Definitely the place in town I enjoy buying coins from, and I’d recommend them to anybody. Helpful staff, reasonable prices, and wide selection.

Daniel B.

As a first timer in selling, I was a bit apprehensive. I did not know what to expect and was a little worried about a previous reviewers comments. Yes the office was stark and clinical. The staff however, more than made up for any downfall in the decor. Very helpful, polite and understanding to any ‘silly’ questions that were asked. All in all a pleasant experience, and one that should the opportunity arise I would go through again!

Marie G.

Great family run store. I’m well taken care of every time I show up at this location. Thank you Nick.

The staff are quick at work but not too quick to make you feel pressured into buying items or selling your items. They teach you about the items and tell you if they have use for your items or not. If they don’t have use for your items they call other places to see if they have a use for the items. Great staff!


I am a brazilian and had the chance to deal with Nevada Coin. I was there to sell some gold coins and they paid me the best price I could fetch in Las Vegas. They are professional, courteous and trustworthy. Before visiting their premises I got a tentative appraisal by phone which I found reasonable. In the shop the attendant offered to approach the manager to get me a (gasp) BETTER price. Do yourself a favor and don’t bother talking to their rude and unprofessional competitors. They will treat you like a moron and quote prices accordingly. For Nevada Coin, five Stars all the way.


Nevada Coin and Jewelry – has excellent customer service – providing las Vegas with top notch service and expertise – this is my primary coin dealers — others just can’t keep up – they are helpful and friendly – in my opinion they are the best in the south west area — so that’s my review a++++ rating – because I am a good customer – this is the best place to buy and sell gold and silver bullion.

Freddie I.

While vacationing in Las Vegas I did what a lot of people do I’m sure or at least that’s what I’m telling my wife ..I blew through the money I brought a little quicker than expected and I ended up having to shop my Rolex around to several dealers to save the trip. So I looked online for places, most offers over the phone were low and that’s if they would even quote me in the first place. I spoke to a guy at Nevada Coin and Jewelry who gave me a fair ball park price and a reasonable explanation as to why his number couldn’t be solid. Went down expecting to get the lower number and in fact Robert their Rolex expert said my Rolex was a better model then I had described. He paid me a higher number than he quoted. Thanks for saving my vacation guys.

Weldon O.

This dealer was beyond excellent in all respects! No low-ball games, no fooling around. These people are honest, and the transaction was handled smoothly with complete transparency. I will definitely recommend Nevada Coin & Jewelry to everybody I know!

Richard C.

After visiting a couple of the “traveling gold & silver merchants” who came to Mesquite, I made a call to Nevada Coin & Jewelry in Las Vegas… David was very helpful and professional. Their prices were the best I had seen… I left very satisfied with my trip and the deals we made. I will definitely go there again.

Carol R.

A.J. and Robert are so friendly and make it so you have the best deal with the items you bring them. They have so much knowledge about all the items they have in their shop and they like to teach others about what they know…