Gold Jewelry

Gold jewelry

has got be one of the nicest luxuries a person could afford. Gold jewelry is

great to give as a gift to a love one maybe a girlfriend or wife or both if

you're into that kind of thing. There are many jewelry stores to go to in Las

Vegas to look at gold jewelry or any type of jewelry item you may be interested

in purchasing. There are many stores that buy used broken or not broken jewelry

in Las Vegas.

In order

to find a good place to buy or sell gold jewelry there is many places on the

web you can get more info and knowledge on gold jewelry. Gold jewelry can be

made in all sort of colors from rose to white and of course most traditionally

in yellow but there are a few variations from that as well from green, black,

two tone and really the list can keep going. Gold jewelry can be made up of

many different percentages of gold which translates to the karat stamping it

receives once the piece is complete.

This is

a list of common karats of gold you may find 8kt, 9kt, 10kt, 14kt, 18kt, 22kt,

24kt. Karats is defined as" a unit of fineness for gold equal to 1?24 part of

pure gold in an alloy". People in the West tend to wear lower karat gold jewelry

such as 10kt or 14kt because it's more of a norm in the U.S. In Europe and the

Middle East people tend to wear higher karat gold such as 18kt or 22kt. If you

ever visited Asia the standard for gold jewelry out there is 22kt to pure 24kt


It's very

seldom you will find gold jewelry under 22 karat in Asia. India specializes

in 21 karat gold jewelry and in some cases you may come across 18kt but very

seldom. In Great Britain it's the norm to find a lot of gold less than 9 karat

due to a tax on gold. India has long been the world's single leading consumer

of gold jewelry. Gold can be used in thread to make embroidery. Gold is yellow

naturally and can be altered by mixing alloys to make other colors. Gold flakes

have been widely used since medieval times in food decorations and alcohol.

Some people believed that something so rare and beautiful must benefit someone

some way. Unfortunately gold once digested leaves the human body untouched with

no benefits.

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