Gold Ingots

Gold Ingots

are a popular form of gold bullion used by people to collect and invest in gold.

Gold Ingots are also known as gold bars, especially in the larger sizes. Gold

Ingots comes in a very wide variety of brands and sizes. Gold Ingots are available

in the following sizes: one gram Gold Ingots, two gram Gold Ingots, two and

a half gram Gold Ingots, five gram Gold Ingots, ten gram Gold Ingots, fifteen

gram Gold Ingots, twenty gram Gold Ingots, twenty five gram Gold Ingots, one

troy ounce Gold Ingots, 50 gram Gold Ingots, 100 gram Gold Ingots, 150 gram

Gold Ingots, 250 gram Gold Ingots, 500 gram Gold Ingots, and 1 kilogram Gold


There are

also less common sizes of Gold Ingots. The most popular brands of Gold Ingots

are Credit Suisse Gold Ingots and PAMP Suisse Gold Ingots, although there are

other brands such as Sunshine Mint Gold Ingots, Engelhard Gold Ingots, and Perth

Mint Gold Ingots. Since Gold Ingots tend to be minted by private mints, Gold

Ingots tend to have little to no premium, compared to gold coins minted by sovereign

nations, such as the American Gold Eagle.

Gold Ingots

tend to be minted in 24 karat gold, in either 99.9 percent or 99.99 percent

purity. There are two different types of Gold Ingots, extruded Gold Ingots,

which have a nice uniform shape and size, and poured Gold Ingots, which tend

to look a little more haphazard than extruded Gold Ingots. Gold Ingots are almost

always marked with the Gold Ingots producing mint, the Gold Ingots size, the

purity of the Gold Ingots, and sometimes, but not always the Gold Ingots serial


Most modern

Gold Ingots come sealed from the manufacturer, with the packaging, sometimes

containing the signature of a mint worker, confirming the size and purity of

the Gold Ingots. Most Gold Ingots are bought purely as an investment, but some

Gold Ingots find their way into jewelry. The most common place you will find

Gold Ingots in jewelry is in pendants containing Gold Ingots.


the Gold Ingots in pendants tend to be the smaller sized Gold Ingots, such as

one gram Gold Ingots and two and a half gram Gold Ingots. On rare occasion,

you will also find small Gold Ingots in rings, usually limited to the one gram

Gold Ingots, because larger Gold Ingots wouldn't easily fit in a ring.

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