Gold Dollar


to the look and feel of the recent United States Mint editions of the Sacagawea

Gold Dollar and the Presidential Gold Dollar series, the coins are not, in fact,

a gold dollar. They are simply called "Gold Dollar" as an aftermarket nickname

because of their color, resembling a gold dollar. The truth is, these coins,

which are affectionately called a gold dollar by a wishful public, are actually

made of brass, thus leaving their value at simply a dollar.


America has produced an actual gold dollar in the distant past. The Liberty

Head Gold Dollar was the first actual gold dollar to be produced within the

United States. It was the first representative of three designs in a forty year

line of the gold dollar that existed in production only in the 19th century.

The Liberty Gold Dollar design had a short run of just five years before it

was supplanted by the Indian Princess Gold Dollar of the small head design.

This particular gold dollar had an even shorter run of just three years before

giving way to the Indian Princess Gold Dollar of the large head design.

The latter

of the Indian Princess Gold Dollar designs lasted throughout the rest of the

run of gold dollar production in the United States. The weight of the gold dollar

is 1.672 grams and the composition is akin to the many other American gold coins

of the era: 90 percent gold and 10 percent copper. The gold dollar has many

key dates and better dates in its limited run, especially dut to the fact that

the gold dollar was well used in the migration of pioneers to the Western United

States, leaving very few high quality examples of the gold dollar existing today.

Not to mention

the fact that in many years during the production of the gold dollar, mintages

were kept very low. If you have an authentic gold dollar as part of your collection

and would like to have it professionally evaluated or would like to sell it

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dollar that looks like a gold dollar, rest easy in knowing that your brass "gold

dollar" is still spendable at any business in America.

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