Gold Coin Value

You may

have heard the phrase, "all that sparkles isn't gold". Actually there is nothing

wrong in it, but this fact cannot be used to calculate the true gold coin value.

You need to understand some of the basics about various tests and hallmarking

process to determine the precise gold coin value. This is quite essential if

you want to sell your coins at the best prices.

In order

to make it easy for gold buyers and sellers to determine its true value, Gold

is hallmarked to indicate its authenticity and purity levels. For instance,

if you find gold coins, which have gold with 447 parts of gold, it means that

your gold coins contains 44.7% pure gold. Similarly, 58.5% gold is categorized

as 14 carat gold, and 37.5% is labeled as 9K gold. If your gold coins are 75%

pure, then that means they contain 18K pure gold. If you know the gold coin

value of your coins before selling them, you are in a much better position to

get the right price. With our spectacular services, we make sure that you will

get the best possible prices for your gold coins.

While determining

the gold coin value, you should always remember that color of the coins has

nothing to do with the purity and quality of gold in them. Any type of color

can be easily obtained by mixing gold with other metals. For instance, if you

add copper metal to the gold coins, you will get coins that are rose-colored.

Similarly, in order to obtain white colored gold, Rhodium is normally mixed

with pure gold. We are proud to be one the leading gold buyers that can offer

you great prices for your gold coins instantly.


value of gold jewelry is determined by verifying the hallmark. Now this may

not be possible in finding the gold coin value in most cases. Therefore, acid

test is used to get the most conclusive results. A special acid is applied to

see the color change, which can accurately determine the gold karats. Coins

and jewelry items are usually filed so that the inner contents of gold coins

can be tested, not the surface plating. Tens of thousands of our satisfied clients

can testify for our unparalleled prices they have received by selling their

gold coins to us. What's more, we also believe in educating our esteemed clients

to enable them to find the right gold coin value for their coins.

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