Gold Buyer

If you are

presently residing in the city of Las Vegas, then you probably already know

how difficult it can be to get a straight deal or offer. Finding honest institutions

that prioritize the customer over their profit can be downright impossible.

When it comes to selling gold bullion and coins, this is especially true. Most

pawn shops and second-hand dealers will only offer you a measly 33% of the actual

retail value for your gold. Perhaps you have tried to find fair and honest gold

buyers in Las Vegas, and have come to no avail. If the previous thing mentioned

is true, then you need not look any further. We are here to help.

Our business

offers the highest gold selling rates in the entire city. Unlike many of our

competitors, we try our very best to provide you straight deals which meet up

with the current market prices of gold. As Las Vegas gold buyers, it is our

responsibility and prerogative our customers get the money they deserve for

their gold. If it is the right amount or the right purity, then we will be delighted

to shell over hard cash at rates you certainly won't be disappointed with.


the gold is in the form of bullion, coins or jewelry, we can handle it and take

it off your hands. Take a quick visit to one of our two prime locations in the

city of Las Vegas. We welcome our customers to walk through our doors with the

gold on hand for appraisal. We have gold appraisal experts at both stores who

will give you both a straight-up analysis of the value of your gold, and how

much the market is currently asking for it. Most assuredly, the rates we offer

are the best you can find, and you won't have a problem finding a price both

we and you can agree upon. You won't find gold buyers willing to offer prices

like ours.


you can walk in today and walk out with money in the bank the same day. Our

transactions are quick and simple, with no hassle or difficulty whatsoever.

We are dedicated to providing you fast service and high quality support throughout

the entire transaction process. Selling gold shouldn't have to be a tedious

process. For this reason, we make sure anyone who walks through our doors will

be happy to have done it, whether we came to a sale or not. Come on by, and

we'll make sure your experience with our heavily trained gold buyers will be

a smooth and easy one.

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