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Selling Gold Coin in Las Vegas

At Nevada Coin & Jewelry, we buy gold coins from every corner of the world. We have a sterling reputation for paying the most cash possible for all types of gold coins you are in the market to sell. At Nevada Coin & Jewelry we are familiar with all bullion coins traded today. Be it 999 pure gold bullion investment coins made at government and private mints from around the world, to legal tender gold coins from America's past, the well respected and highly knowledgeable staff at Nevada Coin & Jewelry can help you identify and sell your gold coins for cash today.

Why Sell Your Gold Coins

Right now gold is still trading at historic levels and there has never been a better time to turn your gold coins into much needed cash. By utilizing comprehensive training for each of our staff members, coupled with our state of the art equipment such as the X-Ray Spectrometer, we can confidently identify and authenticate your gold coins and provide to you a competitive cash offer based on the current market price of gold. And, at Nevada Coin & Jewelry, we can handle any size collection of gold coins and we pay cash on the spot.

Buying Gold Coins

By using our X-Ray Spectrometer, you can be assured that our gold coins will have no unnecessary invasive procedures done in the authentication process, thereby destroying any numismatic value or premium the coins may possess. All of the identification and authentication of your gold coins is done right in front of you, without your items ever leaving your sight. In addition, our highly secure locations enable you to buy and sell gold coins, and accept cash, without the prying eyes of suspicious onlookers.

Reputable Gold Coin Buyers

Nevada Coin & Jewelry is a family owned business and has been licensed in Las Vegas for over thirty years with an impeccable reputation for buying gold coins and jewelry; accredited with the Better Business Bureau with A+ rating and our online reviews represent an entire community of extremely satisfied customers.

There is no appointment necessary, so call Nevada Coin & Jewelry today at 702-256-2646, or visit us in person at any one of our convenient and secure locations across the Las Vegas valley, for a no cost, no obligation evaluation of your gold coins.

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