What do

you need and to know and where do you go when you want to sell Diamonds? When

you sell Diamonds, it is important to know the size, color and clarity of your

Diamonds. Large Diamonds, such as 1 carat Diamonds or over, are the best kind

of Diamonds to have when you sell Diamonds. When you go to sell Diamonds you

will find that small Diamonds have very little value unless you have a very

large quantity of these small Diamonds. Yellow Diamonds are going to have less

value than similar Diamonds that are whiter. Diamonds with no inclusions are

going to be rarer, and thus more valuable than Diamonds with a few inclusions.


with a lot of inclusions or even one very visible inclusion are going to be

worth less than similar Diamonds with fewer or less visible inclusions. So how

do you know how your Diamonds are graded and how much your Diamonds are worth?

Well, you need to take your Diamonds to someone who has experience and education

grading Diamonds, such as one of the graders of Diamonds at Nevada Coin & Jewelry.

A good grader of Diamonds will look at the Diamonds in a good amount of light,

using a loupe or a microscope. This will allow him to see any inclusions the

Diamonds may have, and also to see if the Diamonds have chips or other damage.

The next

thing a grader of Diamonds will look at is the color of the Diamonds. Diamonds

are color graded under a bright light, against a white background. If the Diamonds

have a yellow or brown color, the grader of Diamonds will be able to see it

against the white backgrounds. Diamonds are color graded in the following grades:

Diamonds that have no visible color are graded D, E, or F; Diamonds that have

a very slight yellow or brown color are graded G, H or I; Diamonds that have

a slight yellow or brown color are graded J or K; Diamonds that have a noticeable

yellow or brown color even without the light are graded L or M; Diamonds with

a very noticeable brown or yellow color can be graded between N-Z, depending

on the severity of the color.

Very rarely,

Diamonds can also be a fancy color, such as a canary yellow, or even a blue,

red or orange. If it is determined the color of these Diamonds is natural and

not man made with radiation, these fancy color Diamonds can be very valuable.

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