Dental Gold

Dental Gold

is an alloyed gold used in dental practices, to make Dental Gold teeth, Dental

Gold bridges, and Dental Gold crowns. Dental Gold has fallen out of use lately,

mainly due to the price of gold and the fact that Dental Gold has been replaced

by newer compounds that look more like natural teeth. Dental Gold is typically

16 karat (66.6 percent pure gold), but Dental Gold can also be 12 karat (50

percent pure gold), 18 karat (75 percent pure gold) Dental Gold, 14 karat (58.5

percent pure gold) Dental Gold, and 22 karat (91.6 percent pure gold) Dental

Gold. Dental Gold is typically sold to a dentist in ingots of Dental Gold, already

alloyed to the specifications of the dentist.

These Dental

Gold ingots are typically one pennyweight, which is 1/20 of a troy ounce of

Dental Gold. Dental Gold has a long history. The first application of Dental

Gold was in 1884, when the dentist Aguilhon of Sarran used cemented gold blocks

in dentures. The technique he used to make these Dental Gold dentures was taking

a waxen imprint and putting this wax in a coating of plaster and talc, eliminated

it with hot water, it melted the 22-carat gold with a blow torch and poured

it into the mold thus obtained. The reason Dental Gold has been used to make

Dental Gold teeth, Dental Gold crowns, and Dental Gold bridges is due to the

relative softness of Dental Gold.

This makes

Dental Gold Easy to shape into the Dental Gold teeth, Dental Gold Crowns, and

Dental Gold Bridges. Being 16 karat typically, the Dental Gold is also hard

enough to stay the shape it was made into, but soft enough to not damage enamel.

Since gold doesn't tarnish, Dental Gold won't rust like iron or steel would.

Dental Gold typically has a lifespan of 20 years or more, much longer than most

dental implants. Because of this, Dental Gold from 20 years ago will look pretty

much the same as Dental Gold from a month ago.

Not every

gold buyer in Las Vegas will buy Dental Gold, but Nevada Coin and Jewelry has

no problem buying any karat of Dental Gold. We will use our x-ray spectrometer

to determine the exact gold content of your Dental Gold, and we will buy it,

even if the tooth or other dental work is still attached to the Dental Gold.

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