Confederate Currency

At the height of one of

the most turbulent times in American history, The Confederacy began printing

Confederate currency. Most of the Confederate currency was used to purchase

goods from England to aid in their war effort against the United States. Much

of what was left of the printed Confederate Currency was used in merchant transactions

in the South as well as for purchasing war bonds and other investments in the

fledgling so called "Republic of the South" so that they could gain some solvency

in their international relations. Confederate currency played an important role

in the Southern states for the few short years of their independence from the


Once reunification took

place after the Civil War's end, the Confederate currency became obsolete, putting

an end to the legal tender status of Confederate currency and marking the beginning

of the collectible status of the Confederate currency notes. Confederate currency

has enjoyed a fairy regular demand on the open numismatic markets for many decades.

Unfortunately, with the

demand for Confederate currency also comes the unscrupulous counterfeiting and

reprinting of the Confederate currency notes. To the properly trained numismatist,

these Confederate currency notes are easily detectable. Gauging the paper quality

and the cut of the Confederate currency notes are key factors in making these

kinds of determinations.

Generally, unless they are

rare variations of the Confederate currency notes, the authentic notes can be

worth as much as third of their face value or more on the collectible markets.

This, of course, is assuming they are in a well preserved condition. Confederate

currency notes that are tattered or torn can be worth significantly less. In

addition, the higher denomination Confederate currency notes will carry more

of a premium simply because they are in a slightly higher demand. When selling

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