Collectible Coins


coins are a relatively relaxed commodity in the coin world these days. With

the sudden and dramatic downturn of all things collectible in 2008, collectible

coins have also fallen victim to to many other things capturing the attention

of would be collectors these days. It's widely agreed between numismatists that

collectible coins hit there peak between 1986 and 1989 after several decades

of over performance.

The fact

that third party companies, with huge marketing and overhead budgets, tapped

into the collectible coins market by repackaging what would be reasonably priced

collectible coins coming out of the United States mints and elevating those

prices into the classification of outrageous simply to cover their ballooning

costs didn't much help the collectible coins market much.


those who bought collectible coins from those television shows and mail order

programs are bearing the brunt of those costs in a deflated collectible coins

market. And, even more unfortunate, is the probability that the collectible

coins market is never going to rebound in a way that will put profits in the

hands of coin collectors. Now is the best time to get out from under those old

collectible coins and turn them in for more profit yielding investment coins.

Coins that are made of precious metals like silver and gold and platinum. At

Nevada Coin & Jewelry, we can do just that for you. Our trained coin professionals

can walk you through selling your devalued collectible coins and purchasing

precious metal based coins.

With our

extensive network of dealers across the country, we can still provide a way

for you to get the most money possible from your collectible coins and we have

a strong enough return clientele who have praised our ability to do so. Just

call or come in to any of the Nevada Coin & Jewelry locations serving the Las

Vegas community for over 30 years and let our trained professionals in collectible

coins help you get back into a coin collection that will go up in value over

the long term. No collection of collectible coins is too big or small for crew

of numismatic professionals so come in today.

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