Coin Proof Set

The United States coin proof

set has been produced since 1936, and with just a few years off, it has been

a mainstay for coin collectors young and old for generations. The United States

coin proof set has evolved over the decades from a five coin proof set in a

brown manila folder, where the coins in the coin proof set were packaged in

a flimsy plastic sheet like holder, to recent releases containing three durable

and beautifully crafted, hard plastic containers carrying up to 14 pieces as

part of one entire coin proof set. Proof coins have been made for over a hundred

years in the United States as a way to show off coins of the U.S. mints and

the beauty in design and elegance of form these coins possess.

Naturally, coin collectors

feverishly went after these proof coins and earlier examples can carry a very

significant premium. Once the United States coin proof set was first released,

coin collecting was reaching a peak as a hobby and collectors swooned over these

coin proof sets. Many nations around the world produce dizzying amounts of variations

of the coin proof set. Even the United States has produced a coin proof set

for many smaller and emerging nations to display the beauty of their coinage

to the numismatic world. In fact, the coin proof set has become a cornerstone

to any beginning coin collection and still has an appeal to the novice numismatist.

However, with the downturn of all collectibles recently, across all hobbies

within the collectible world, the coin proof set has fallen victim to devaluation

and irrelevance. Major coin dealers for several years have been moving away

from buying the coin proof set, and, as the market has taken a tumble for the

worse, the future looks grim for the once sought after coin proof set.

The reassuring thing about

the United States coin proof set is that the coins will never devalue less than

their face value. And, as for the coin proof set produced with silver coins,

they will never have a value less than what the silver content in those coins

can provide. At Nevada Coin & Jewelery, we still buy any coin proof set, from

the United States or anywhere else in the world. With our extensive network

of wholesalers and distributors, we can still provide the highest cash offer

for that coin proof set or sets you wish to sell. Just call or come in to any

Nevada Coin & Jewelry location serving the Las Vegas valley and let us work

with you in getting those collectible coins and coin proof sets off your hands

and replacing them with cash today.

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