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Rare Coin Values

Rare coin values can be a highly tricky and subjective arena to navigate within the numismatic universe. To determine a rare coin value means to place an extreme measure of scrutiny to the piece and is usually done through the eyes of many coin professionals collectively working together to come up with a final appraisal. Every coin professional can generally recite the key dates or better dates from any series of U.S. coins and many have a much broader knowledge when it comes to foreign coins. Once identifying a coin as being a rare coin within a series, it then becomes a painstaking process looking for minting flaws, wear patterns, surface scratches and marks, rim damage, evidence of cleaning, stage of circulation and, finally, pouring over the finer details of the coin. If many of these qualifiers are evident in a particular key date or better date coin, it could disqualify it as being a rare coin. Many times even the most minute detail can affect the rare coin value dramatically. If a rare coin is discovered to be in an uncirculated state, just the slightest scratch could be the difference of hundreds or even thousands of dollars in the final determination of that rare coin value.

It’s important to understand that most coins in any particular coin collection are not going to be rare coins. The definition of a rare coin mandates that the coin be of a significantly less mintage than the average coin from any series. For example, of all the Washington Quarters made in the last 80 plus years, only two would qualify as being key dates, or possibly rare coins, and those are the 1932-D and the 1932-S, remembering of course that they would have to be in exceptional state. Most U.S. coins of the 20th and 21st centuries will not qualify as rare coins, simply because with modern minting technologies and the vastly growing economy of the U.S. during this time period, there were millions, and in some cases, billions of coins made for each series in each year. This has a direct effect on numismatics and the collecting of rare coins. One would generally have to go as far back as the early 19th century to find an abundance of what would qualify as rare coins within each series of U.S. coins, and even then, the knowledgeable collector would have to understand all of the qualifiers that transform an average low minted coin into a rare coin status.

If there is ever any doubt as to the rarity of any coin, or to determine a rare coin value, bring your collection into Nevada Coin & Jewelry so that you can utilize the expertise of the highly trained coin professionals. With several decades of combined experience, the friendly and efficient staff can easily identify and determine any possible rare coins within your collection and evaluate that rare coin value.



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This past Saturday I had the opportunity to meet the owner and team at Nevada Coin and Jewelry. I didn’t know what to expect but they made me feel both comfortable and safe. I went through my collection of jewelry, both broken pieces and things I thought were of no value at all. They took the time to explain what each carat weight was worth and they helped me sort through my items. I was amazed at what they gave me for things I would never wear or use. I would recommend you stop in and speak to them, you might be as pleasantly surprised as I was.

Suzanne P.

A great selection of coins and other numismatic related material. Very professional.

My Aunt recently passed and she lived in the outskirts of Las Vegas. While my sister and I went through her estate we found a number of items that neither of us considered keeping, but our aunt was clear in her will that she wanted us to use her things to make a profit and in turn use that money to help our futures. We shopped around, especially not being from the area, and got a lot of negative experiences just on the phone. People were rude, uninformative, and really just gave us a feeling they wanted to rip us off. It made us think of those dirty pawn shops you “hear about”. Finally I called Nevada Coin and Jewelry and the whole day shifted! We described a few pieces of jewelry and they helped us figure out initially a general value based on the metal. Of course, they did explain the importance of actually coming in and examining the pieces individually. That level of service over the phone got us through the door. When we went to the spot we were greeted with the same level courtesy, but the professionalism when going over each item and it’s value was through the roof! They took the time to explain why each item was worth what amount and even gave us a little bit of history on the styles. At the end of the day, my sister and I walked away with a sizable amount of money to put towards my son’s college fund and my sister’s vet school. Thanks, Nevada Coin and Jewelry!

Ashleigh L.

We were really pleased with the help that AJ gave us concering our gold coins and watches. I don’t think we could have received a better deal anywhere. All of the personnel at Nevada Coin & Jewelry were very professional. We will recommend them to our friends.

Dean & Judy

While vacationing in Las Vegas I did what a lot of people do I’m sure or at least that’s what I’m telling my wife ..I blew through the money I brought a little quicker than expected and I ended up having to shop my Rolex around to several dealers to save the trip. So I looked online for places, most offers over the phone were low and that’s if they would even quote me in the first place. I spoke to a guy at Nevada Coin and Jewelry who gave me a fair ball park price and a reasonable explanation as to why his number couldn’t be solid. Went down expecting to get the lower number and in fact Robert their Rolex expert said my Rolex was a better model then I had described. He paid me a higher number than he quoted. Thanks for saving my vacation guys.

Weldon O.

My friend and I came here to sell some coins and jewelry. We first saw Scott about some coins. He was very friendly and knew his stuff. Afterwards, he brought us over to Sheila who looked at our jewelry. She was also very nice and professional. We will definitely come back here again. GREAT PLACE!!!!

Susanne T.

Nevada Coin and Jewelry – has excellent customer service – providing las Vegas with top notch service and expertise – this is my primary coin dealers — others just can’t keep up – they are helpful and friendly – in my opinion they are the best in the south west area — so that’s my review a++++ rating – because I am a good customer – this is the best place to buy and sell gold and silver bullion.

Freddie I.

A.J. and Robert are so friendly and make it so you have the best deal with the items you bring them. They have so much knowledge about all the items they have in their shop and they like to teach others about what they know…


I brought them some gold pendants, rings and a few other pieces. I knew they weren’t worth that much but I needed the cash. The guys (and there are a lot of them) were really nice and not the least bit condescending. They know when you come in to sell there is a reason but they don’t make you feel bad or inadequate. The store is filled with interesting objects for sale and for show. A very nice and very fair place to buy and sell. I highly recommend them.

Linda P.

Outstanding experience! This is the best place to change your gold with a great attention. I’m completely impressive because they have a smooth and fast service, definitely nice people!

Pablo V.

I am a brazilian and had the chance to deal with Nevada Coin. I was there to sell some gold coins and they paid me the best price I could fetch in Las Vegas. They are professional, courteous and trustworthy. Before visiting their premises I got a tentative appraisal by phone which I found reasonable. In the shop the attendant offered to approach the manager to get me a (gasp) BETTER price. Do yourself a favor and don’t bother talking to their rude and unprofessional competitors. They will treat you like a moron and quote prices accordingly. For Nevada Coin, five Stars all the way.


What friendly staff. They help you sell your items even if they don’t have a use for it by calling other shops around the area to see if they could use it… They want you to have the best out come from selling your items. I was so happy I decided to go to them!