Coin Collector

Every family

has a coin collector, or had a coin collector. And every coin collector has

undoubtedly clogged closet and garage space with their vast numismatic treasures,

leaving the family to have to deal with the coins of the coin collector when

the coin collector loses interest, or, in unfortunate cases, the coin collector

moves on from this world. A coin collector is a different breed from your every

day average collector of things. This is true because the coin collector has

always found an appreciation in money and things that will generally have some

kind of value. For example, the coin collector who collects American coins and

currency has held on to things that will never lose value below that of their

face value.

Unlike other

items collected, that move in and out of fancy with the times, a coin collector

can have real faith in knowing that, in being a coin collector, his or her coin

collection will likely be worth more than just the time and money put into it.

A coin collector who became a coin collector in the 1960's or earlier likely

picked up every day, circulated coins that had silver in them for at or close

to face value. Based on the silver content, the coin collector did very well

considering that nowadays even the worst or most common examples of those coins

would be worth considerably more than just their face value. A coin collector

who became a coin collector in the 1950's likely was able to pick up American

silver dollars for just their face value as well. And if the coin collector

passed these coins down to his relatives, they could find some serious value

as these silver dollar coins, provided by that relentless coin collector, commonly

trade for more than ten dollars each, and some cases much more than just that.


that coin collector member of the family can go misunderstood and often times

other family members find themselves confused as to why the coin collector is

so ardent in his approach to being a coin collector and holding on to old coins

and currency. What most people don't realize is that the coin collector is doing

a big favor for the rest of the family just by being themselves, a true coin


Even the

coin collector who saved thousands of Lincoln Wheat pennies from back in the

day has doubled their overall investment, as those coins commonly trade for

two cents each on the open market today, making being an old fashioned coin

collector a very profitable hobby to have undertook. And that is, of course,

if the coin collector didn't manage to come across one of the key dates of the

Lincoln Wheat penny series. If they did, you might just be owing a huge thanks

to that coin collector as they might have put some serious money into your pocket.

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