Buffalo Nickel

The Buffalo

Nickel is one of the most easily recognizable coins in American numismatics.

Beginning its 25 year run in 1913, the Buffalo Nickel still holds a particular

allure to coin collectors just starting out in the hobby. Designed by James

Earl Fraser and using three Native Americans for his models, the Buffalo Nickel,

both obverse and reverse, carries a distinct commemoration to the original inhabitants

of the prairie lands of America.

On the reverse

of the Buffalo Nickel is a profile portrait of a buffalo in all its majesty.

Some say the buffalo on the reverse of the Buffalo Nickel was designed after

the famous "Black Diamond" buffalo that walked the grounds of the New York Zoo

at the time, but there is no definitive record of this being the case. Regardless,

in the Buffalo Nickel series, Fraser was able to capture the power and beauty

of America's most dominant land animal in a such a way that coin enthusiasts

for ages will be able to appreciate. Due to it's overproduction and well used

status in the coins of circulation at the time, the Buffalo Nickel has few key

dates and carries a little premium on the open market. Most often than not,

the Buffalo Nickel has lost its date on the obverse due to wear and date placement

on the coin.

When this

is the case, consider the Buffalo Nickel to still just be a spendable nickel.

Some coin collectors in the past have used an acid to attempt to "raise" the

date in hopes to revive the numbers and potentially find an earlier example

of the Buffalo Nickel. Unfortunately, it was quickly discovered that this process

only serves to damage the Buffalo Nickel even further, thereby destroying any

numismatic value the coin may possess.

Coins of

the Buffalo Nickel series with "raised dates" can be considered spendable as

well as they have practically lost any extra numismatic appeal. Brilliant uncirculated

specimens of the Buffalo Nickel series can command a premium and, in conditions

close to this state, could have significant value if the are of a particular

variation of the early years of the Buffal Nickel series. The coin professionals

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to the Buffalo Nickel. We provide the highest cash offers for any coins and

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