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silver bullion buyers las vegasThere is no shortage when it comes to silver bullion dealers in Las Vegas or the greater Nevada area for that matter. With silvers current trends being considerably higher than they where in the past and the dollar much weaker it's not really a mystery why people are investing there hard earned money in silver bullion and why dealers like Nevada Coin and Jewelry are eager to buy your silver bullion and turn it into cash. Silver bullion is a great investment and one that hasn't hit its true potential in my opinion.

Silver bullion is not something minted in just one location such as the United States for example. Many countries have there own silver bullion mint specific to there location. The United States has the incredibly beautiful American Silver Eagle which was first introduced in 1986. Mexico has the Mexican Silver Libertad introduced in 1982 and has a wide following. China has some beautiful silver bullion which is the Chinese silver panda introduced in 1983. My personal favorite is the Canadian Silver Maple leaf which I think really sets the bar for beautiful silver bullion and Canada didn't let us down when they introduced it in 1988. There is also the Australian Silver Kookaburra minted by the Perth Mint first released in 1990 and made available. Last but certainly not least is the British Silver Britannia released in 1997.

A few interesting facts about silver bullion include the fact that they are usually backed by the mint in which they where minted from. The silver bullion is always guaranteed to be accurate weight and purity and go through rigorous test before they leave the mint and our made available to the general public for sale. Silver bullion even though worth metal value can and may still have a numismatic value depending on rarity and mintage.

Silver bullion is bought by dealers like Nevada Coin and Jewelry a couple different ways. First they will examine the coin top to bottom to ensure its authenticity and check for any scratches or dents which can adversely affect value one might receive when trying to sell for cash. The second thing they do with silver bullion is check for any numismatic value which can be significantly higher than its metal value and very important when some one is trying to get the absolute most cash for their silver bullion items.

Silver Bullion We Buy:

- 1964 and Older Dimes Quarters and Half Dollars
- .999 Silver Rounds
- American Eagle Silver Coins
- Graded and Slabbed Silver Coins
- Canadian Maple Leafs
- Krugerrand Silver
- Silver Bars & Ingots
- Austrian Philharmonics
- Buffalo Silver Coins
- World Silver Coins

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