1922 Peace Silver Dollar

The 1922

Peace silver dollar is one of the most populated coins of the Peace silver dollar

series. The Peace silver dollar was first minted in the waning days of December,

1921 by order of Congress. And by 1922, the United States mints were in full

gear minting the 1922 Peace silver dollar to meet the production quotas created

by the Pittman Act of 1918. Though there are extremely rare variations of the

1922 Peace silver dollar, most of these coins are considered generic in terms

of collector value. That means these coins generally trade for their silver

content, which is slightly above three quarters of a troy ounce. If the 1922

Peace silver dollar can be found in a brilliant uncirculated condition, it can

carry a very small premium above the value of its silver content.


the 1922 Peace silver dollar is not in perfect condition, as a major percentage

are not, then it is rarely the case for them to trade for more than the silver

they possess. The few variations of the 1922 Peace silver dollar include a matte

proof and satin proof in high relief, the same striking process they used in

the more uncommon 1921 Peace silver dollar. These 1922 Peace silver dollar coins

are considered scarce and most of the high relief coins made in 1922 and meant

for circulation were melted at the mint before being released to the public.

The reason the mints moved away from the high relief variety was because they

were cumbersome to deal with and were not easily stacked. Stackable coins make

monetary transactions more easy as coins don't topple over and roll around.

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