1921 Peace Silver Dollar

The 1921

Peace Silver Dollar is one of the nicest examples of silver dollars the United

States has minted and came about thanks to the Pittman Act of 1918, which melted

millions or Morgan silver dollars in support of the British and American war

effort during WWI. The coin was designed by Anthony de Francisci and the portrait

of the liberty face on the 1921 Peace silver dollar was modeled after his wife.

The high

relief style of the 1921 Peace Silver dollar allows it to stand out as one of

the more unique designs for United States silver dollars. Even in the worst

condition, the 1921 Peace silver dollar can carry a premium above the rest of

the common silver dollars in the Peace series and, in much higher conditions

on the coin grading scale of 1-70, the 1921 Peace silver dollar can be worth

several hundred dollars.

If you are

lucky enough to discover a 1921 Peace silver dollar that would grade at an MS-65

or higher, it could be worth one thousand dollars or more. Part of the reason

for the rarity of the 1921 Peace silver dollar is the high relief minting of

the coin. The United States mints moved away from this design in 1922 after

merchants complained that the coins were difficult to stack, thereby making

them difficult to count in an efficient manner when in the middle of a transaction.

So, although

the high relief design of the 1921 Peace silver dollar added to the overall

aesthetic beauty of the coin, the functionality of the coin made it difficult

to work with. Another reason for the rarity of the 1921 Peace silver dollar

was that minting of the 1921 Peace silver dollar didn't begin until the executive

order was signed, just after Christmas, 1921. Production officially began of

the 1921 Peace silver dollar on December 28th, 1921, allowing just enough time

over the next three days to produce close to a million specimens of the numismatic

treasure that is the 1921 Peace silver dollar.

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